With extensive experience in investigations and surveillance, our Investigators have over 25 years experience in the investigative field as law enforcement officers and claims investigators. Our experienced, professional investigators are trained and consistently provide our clients with positive results. 


What We do

Accountability Investigations, LLC was created to serve the investigative needs of the insurance community, self-insured industry, Third Party Administrators, and their legal counsel. Our goal is to customize our services and resources in order to provide our clients honest, reliable, professional, and cost effective investigative services. Our thorough and targeted investigations provide insight into the subject's activities, and consistently uncovers information which contributes to successful case resolution.

Our efforts consistently surpass industry standards and afford clients the opportunity to resolve a case in a favorable manner. 

Exceptional performance is at the core of who we are.  Accountability Investigations, LLC is customer-orientated and service-based. We work closely with our clients from the first introduction through commissioning to ensure optimum performance at cost effective levels for our client’s specific needs.  Accountability Investigations, LLC backs every investigation with a customer service ethic that is second to none. 


Coverage Map

Investigator Locations

The map to the right shows where our field offices are located within NC, SC and VA. 

This map assist our clients to show area coverage to help reduce cost.

Our investigators are licensed in NC, SC, VA and GA.